You can follow the navigation buttons in order , as the information presented in each page builds up over the previous one. But if you are in a hurry, you can just explore each subject individually. I welcome your and ideas as I consider this a work in progress, so I expect to do frequent changes, so visit us regularly. The Web site is divided into two major sections; one dealing with common sense in general, and another on a common sense understanding of your Psychiatric/Mental Health questions.You will once and for all understand why the Mental Health fields appears so odd and against what you learned growing up. My goal is to get it progressively less wrong.

      This Web Site will help you keep cool while the media pundits, experts, politicians and reverends, scream at one another. You will see them for what they are; Special Interest Groups, pushing their agendas without considering all factors and trade-offs that will affect all Society which ultimately will come back to affect them and those they claim to represent.