Liberal Propaganda and Buuuuulllll

Are you confused and tired of experts, lobbyists, gurus and special interest groups telling you how to live, think, buy or vote, when they present such contradictory and confusing information? The Media also overwhelm us with news clips and advertisement telling us their only way. No wonder there is confusion!What we need is common sense answers to our questions. Even the Internet, which eases instant communication and the exchange of ideas, adds to this instant confusion. Not even the Nobel Prize experts in “hard sciences” like Physics can keep up with new findings or agree on how the universe works. Even the two great intellectual achievements of the twentieth century, the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, are inconsistent with each other. What chance do nonexperts have to sort through the information available on politics, science, psychology, philosophy, or religion?

How Liberals and Conservatives can find common ground

If we cultivate and apply common sense, we have a good chance.

      We cannot wait for the discovery of the ultimate unifying theory to connect all knowledge and explain Human Nature. We need to decide today, based on common sense. Our goal is to help you be generally right and avoid being precisely wrong. (For those readers whose thinking styles depend on comprehensive theories needing precision, I urge you to continue reading with an open mind, as these ideas are not mutually exclusive). I believe common sense helps us better understand the issues that we face. We will give you the tools to make up your own mind, now, and not in the future when or if the experts can agree. If you are tired of the confusing “mumble-jumbo” from the “experts”, you came to the right place.

While some will find it ironic to study common sense, I invite you to explore my ideas of how to improve and understand better the process of common sense. Everyday, from the media to our coworkers and family, we are told that the answer is “just plain common sense”. So let’s take some time to explore it. You will not need to know the details of this famous formula, just understand how matter and energy are interchangeable.