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Polo ponies legs are always bandaged and the ponies often wear protective boots to help protect their legs from the rigours of the game and to give their legs as much support as possible. Safety tips for driving the boat are better learned via a safe boating course, so these will be general safety tips for storing your boat and what to do before taking it out. On board the pontoon boat it’s essential to have a flotation device. You should make sure that the tires you purchase are the right size for your rims otherwise they can pose a safety threat. Likewise, if you are going to try your hand at racing, stock tires are not your best choice. A strong muscular body is needed; this will help when being bumped by others. You never know when they will be needed, or if certain passengers are unable to swim. While out on the water, there are several safety rules to keep in mind. It is a good idea to add chafing gear to parts of the lines that will be subjected to wear, for example where they ladder through fair leads. Ample room between the point of View Aluminum Bass Boats For Sale Reviews hip and the stifle, combined with a well let down hock to permit the utmost power from the hind quarters.

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If you are going to use your ATC in a variety of rough terrain, you should look into mud tires. It’s very important before even starting the boat that you have this clip in place, so that if your key becomes dislodged or you have to pull it out for an emergency, the motor will shut down automatically. Polo ponies have their tail taped up during practice and in competition.This is to stop the ponies tail from getting in the way of the polo mallet which could potentially harm the pony, also a tail down may obscure the ball from vision. Ample room between the point of hip and the stifle, combined with a well let down hock to permit the utmost power from the hind quarters. If you are not familiar with the particular marina, it is worthwhile going past your mooring first to take a look at the mooring cleats or bollards. If you mainly drive your ATC on flat ground then standard tires will probably be best for you. It is worth protecting the investment in a boat by not skimping on the quality of the mooring lines and fenders.